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What is one4water ?

Oneforwater mobilises youth to learn, engage and act on Sustainable Development Goal 6, while advancing innovation in sustainability by providing young innovators with access to experts, trainings and opportunities.

Our initiatives are backed by Shiv Nadar School and District Administration of Gurugram through their flagship water management program Guru-Jal, and delivered with support of ClimateScience, a UK-based global charity. Our uniqueness lies in our format – being a community run by the youth for the youth, we have a pool of advisors from eminent Universities, national and state governments, international agencies and the private sector from across the globe.


Bring Sustainable Development Goals to life by mobilising youth as architects of the 2030 agenda.


Build a global community of students to learn, engage and act on Goal 6, and to integrate action on Goal 6 across the 2030 agenda to help meet all three dimensions of sustainable development – society, economy and environment. Uphold human right to water and sanitation.

Building pathways for a sustainable future.

We recognise the enormous potential of youth, and the impact of their speed, innovation and actions that can fast track SDG goals. Our plan is to unite youth, industry and society to work collaboratively with provincial and national governments paving pathway for a sustainable world for present and future generations.

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