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Help Foundation is distributing food to poor homeless elderly people who lives near Railway stations, bus stops and foot paths in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. We distribute freshly prepared Hot Rice with Dal and also we also distribute Bananas to the homeless people. Especially in this summer it’s very tough to live without shelter.

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Help Foundation is here to raise funds for the people of the roadside and elders who were not having blankets. Still, many underprivileged who cannot afford even a blanket are sleeping on roadside footpaths in Andhra Pradesh. Let us give some warmness to this homeless. We have already done a few Blanket Distribution drives earlier. So please donate a Blanket and save some homeless from freezing nights sleeping on the roadside without a blanket.

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Help Foundation main aim is to that no one should go hungry we run this activity to help the poor people who are homeless like beggars and the elderly people who left on roads by their relatives there are no one to look after to them so we are helping these kind of people by feeding them. Feed the Needy is main activity of our Help Foundation.

donate to elderly

Giving blankets is a great way of helping out the community. Donations of blankets can make a great difference to homeless. In the raining &freezing nights I found many poor people living on roads. There are millions of underprivileged who cannot afford even a blanket and die – without a roof or cloth on their bare bodies. We initiated this drive to provide blankets to help people keep warm in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh and many other rural areas of south India.

donate to homeless

We distribute the food to needy people at afternoon times. We invite you to join us, become part of the Help Foundation and help to make a positive impact on the lives of our fellow human beings.
Get Tax Benefits: 80G Tax Exemption By Donation:- All Offline / Online Donations are Tax deductible u/s 80G.- While donating money online to charity through milaap you are eligible to claim tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.- A certificate under Section 80G will be issued by the NGO to the Indian tax payer making the donation, to enable you to claim the exemption from Income Tax. Help Foundation registered under 12A, 80G, eligible to receive donations online from India Nationals. Make a Donation to best Charity in India & help aged people, homeless by donating winter blankets through Milaap.*(Indian national residing abroad can also donate, as long as the source of donation is an Indian bank account. 80G tax exemption certificate may not be relevant while filing tax returns outside India).#homeless #helppoor #ngoforelderly #elderlycare #donateonline #donatecharity #sponsorfood #fooddonation #donatingmoney #ngodonation #seniorcitizens #sponsoroldage #supportolderpeople #indiahelpaged #donatepoor #milaapdonation #donatefood #elderlydonation #careforelderly #milaapdonate #covid-19 #coronavirus #donatecorona #taxexemption #80gdonation #donatingcharity
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